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Cookies by Lila Bakery

High quality standards

High quality whole foods

You our valued customers are important to us, which is why we took extra steps to certify the safety and sanitation of all our equipment within our bakery. The Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC) was established to certify the design and construction of bakery equipment. In addition, we conform to the criteria of the standards to certify that our equipment meets the terms and standards of the association. We take pride in adhering to a high quality of standards to help increase awareness of any impending dangers that could arise while operating the baking equipment. This allows us to stay on top of any potential hazards and to produce a higher quality of products for our customers.

A dazzling array of cookies made
fresh daily

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How do you put in to words the tantalizing tastes of cookies? I started selling cookies because everyone I ever met couldn’t find a cookie that melts in your mouth leaving you asking for more…

After forty years of baking, I’ve baked a lot of different styles of cookies and I have narrowed it down to my Baker’s Dozen, 13 different flavors to choose from, baked fresh every day. The aroma of chocolate chip cookies with milk lingers in everyone’s mind. With butter, vanilla and chocolate chips, that’s a recipe for success!

From chocolate chip cookies to snickerdoodles, awe yes, little puffs of heaven to pop in your mouth along with my gingersnap cookie that is baked with rich molasses and brown sugar. As I developed my menu for success with cookies, I realized I can keep on trying new recipes but stick to the 13 cookies that have been tried and tested which is where I began years ago.

Not to say that I won’t be offering other cookies and treats along the way, however, I suggest you give the 13 types of cookies I have perfected over the years a try. After all, we are Cookies by Lila! I look forward to traveling down this road with you with my baking with the old traditions handed down through the generations. Enjoy my baking with the ancient grains, real butter and farm fresh eggs, every recipe made from scratch, no boxed mixes here.

Stop on by and enjoy the tastes of recipes given to me, I’ll pass on my baked treats from my kitchen to yours! Enjoy!

Baking ingredients

We offer an array of different kits for businesses, holiday occasions to accessories to help you in the kitchen.

  • Realtor Cookie Kit
  • Corporate Kit
  • Fundraising kit
  • Birthday, Easter, Valentine’s Day
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Cookie Sprinkles
  • Christmas Holiday Tins
  • Seasonal Holiday Tins
  • Cookie Jars
  • Eco Tote Bag
An aray of cookies

For the people on the go!
We offer individual kits tailored to your specific needs, whether you are a business or you are fundraising or you want fresh baked treats for your home. Additionally, for your convenience we are able to provide you with three separate menu choices specifically designed to fit either your company or family budget. Please inform us of the number of people who will be attending and the date and time and we will have it arranged to your specifications, delivery or pick-up.

  • Business Meetings
  • Corporate Luncheons
  • Sports Events
  • Fundraiser
  • Gatherings
  • Special Events
  • Birthday Parties
Chef Apparel
  • Baseball Caps
  • T-Shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Hoodies
  • Chef’s Hat
  • Aprons
  • Oven Mitts

We deliver all products right to your door!