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Cookies by Lila Bakery

Lila's history

  • I began my journey with baking in my grandmother’s kitchen learning how to make coconut sugar cookies, my passion for baking had begun. Every opportunity from then on I was in the kitchen, concocting a new recipe of some sort. 

  • Over the years I continued to progress with my baking still being taught either from my mother or my grandmother the family traditions the old fashion way with whole foods and ancient grains passed down the generations within my Danish family 

  • As time went by I started to critique my baking and I focused on the unique tastes and flavors’ that have travelled with me over the years, entertaining with family and friends. Always remembering the standards and quality that was passed on to me through time. I formed a small company out of my home taking orders for special occasions, as my selection grew my company began to take off.

  • I continued to bake for my customer’s from my home while I started a family of my own. With young children running around, I started teaching each child how to bake cookies and squares just like my grandmother did for me as a child. Life became rather hectic for a while as I became a single mother and I had to put my passion on hold and raise my children.

  • While raising my kids and sustaining a career of my own the passion for baking was never far away. I remember a co-worker and friend of mine saying that baking was a form of stress release for me. I always enjoyed the time I spent baking with my kids, as time went on I continued to develop an extensive collection of recipes.

  • When I moved to the Lower Mainland from Vancouver Island, I figured I would try my hand at baking again.  My personal life was not so hectic, my kids were old enough that they didn’t need me as much so I developed a business plan, did a trial run in a deli/bakery who purchased my baking.  It took off faster than I expected.  From a few dozen cookies a week to 36 dozen a week. Between being a single parent and working full-time in my career I had my hands full.  I would bake my cookies at night and deliver the cookies in the morning before I went to work. 

  • Things had turned around for the better in my life I was enjoying working, being a mom and baking in my kitchen once again, making extra money with a small baking business from home.  Doing special orders on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and the odd corporate function. 

  • As life would have it I had to take time off from work and my business due to illness. It took a while for me to get back on my feet again. I continued to be optimistic and went back to my career and stepped away from building my company once again.

  • I continued to move forward developing my baking, experimenting once again adding more choices by now to my extensive list of treats.  I was back baking in my kitchen establishing customer’s by word of mouth and baking for corporate functions and special occasions. 

  • Unfortunately, I was rear-ended by two separate vehicles two months apart.  As for my baking, I had to put that it on hold.

  • I take solace to the fact that I never quit trying.  I love to bake, it’s my passion, however, I am unable to bake like I use to.  I now rely on a staff to help me.