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Cookies by Lila


A bakery that everyone can come home to!


From our Kitchen to yours, come on in and stay a while, take a moment to pause and envision all the different aromas wafting through the kitchen.

Making Dough

Quality & Standards

In this day and age the consumer is concerned about all the food cross contamination and the food safety regarding the cooking, packaging and distribution of baked goods from the production of the food to the family’s home. Over the last decade due to the public scares and concerns the standards and food safety has been reinvented. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for enforcing the food safety policies and standards for Canada. We at Cookies by Lila strongly adhere to the standards for food safety and we do not cut costs to increase our profit at the detriment of our value customers. We abide by food safety certification and accreditation to ensure that all our products we sell to you our customers are indeed Food Safe!

Homemade baked daily

Why Choose Us?

We set the bar high, not just with our food safety but with everything we do. We abide by our first class service, we leave nothing left undone. We take pride not only from the quality of baking from days gone by, we take pride from how you our customers feel. Gone are the days when customers were always right, we at Cookies by Lila honor the Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy were not happy. We have a large list of baked goodies we would love to serve you, from our 13 different cookies (Hence the name) to our other scrumptious delicacies we are sure you will enjoy. Take a moment and browse and see what you think, if there is something in our repertoire that you are unable to find. Just drop us a line and we would be more than happy to bake it for you.

Referral Program

At Cookies by Lila we feel the best references are from you our customers, which is why we feel you should be rewarded for recommending our business to your friends and family.  We have put together a referral package that would say thank you for our business and thank you for the referral. Here’s how it works, for every friend or family that you recommend that purchases our treats you receive 10% off of the referrals order.  For your referral contact us.

Straight from our oven to you

From our kitchen to yours, we provide freshly baked treats or we can provide you with fresh or frozen cookie dough in our 1kg container to bake at your leisure.

Our Events


We believe that every person deserves a helping hand every once and a while. Each month we choose a charity that is dear to one of our employee’s heart, we donate a percentage of our monthly sales towards that particular cause. In addition, we provide support for at risk men, woman and children by donating our baked goods at the end of our workday.


We value what our customers like and don’t like, if one of our employees happens to be having a bad day and inadvertently is rude to you we want to know. We can’t rectify discourteous behavior if we are not aware of it. We pride ourselves to our courtesy, compassion and understanding for everyone we come in contact with either on the phone or in person. That goes for our Satisfaction Guarantee as well. If you place an order and you are unhappy with the quality of our baked goods, just give us a call and we will replace your order or give you a full refund which ever you prefer. If you’re not happy were not happy!


We have a particular interest for single parenting. It’s not an easy job to raise children on a single income, more often than not, when things get tight the delicacies such as baked goodies or store bought goodies are usually the first to go. So Cookies by Lila supports one single parenting family a month. For more information on how that works, please look us up under About Us – contact information.

Everything seems better with milk and cookies!